Husband Hurt Back, Told to Suck It Up!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about injury:

My husband was hurt two months ago on the job. At first we didn’t think it was serious. But after one doctor told us he needed a back surgery because two bones were not connected, we thought long and hard about what to do. He told his boss the moment he felt pain, but he said suck it up; if you try to claim unemployment they will fire you. He is the only worker in the family. I am at home with our 10 month old and trying to go to school.

Finally one night he pushed something at work and his whole back started popping. They called the ambulance and said to bill workmen’s comp. When a couple of days later, he saw the company doctor, he pushed on his back, and said he was fine, no x-rays or anything. We can’t afford to lose any income so he went back to work that same day, when other doctors said to stay away for at least two weeks. What should we do?

Signed, Back Of My Husband

Dear Back Of My Husband:

First things first. Consult your family physician; next get X-rays of his back. Then consult a worker’s comp attorney ASAP. The worker’s comp form should have been sent to the insurance and reported. The attorney will cost you nothing. The company cannot retaliate against him in anyway. This attorney will look out for your best interests since he will be paid by his state. Now keep in mind, each state’s worker’s comp laws are different. Therefore, get the lawyer ASAP. Your husband’s rights are being violated.WEGO for seeking information and sharing what we learn. So let us know what you do and what transpires. Our site learns from what works and what does not from those in difficult situations.

Dan Kearney, Guest HR Respondent