I Quit A Bad Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss mistreatment:

I was working at a gas station and I quit because of the way my boss treated me. I’ve been sworn at. She has held my checks when everybody else received theirs. I’ve caught her in many lies. I feel I’ve been mistreated from this woman and that’s why I quit. Who I can report this to? I’ve already talked to 2 people higher than her and nothing has been done about this!

Signed, Quit and Angry

Dear Quit and Angry:

You did what you decided was right, and you’ve reported about the wrong you suffered from your boss. Can you do more? You can log the specific incidents in which your boss swore at you, withheld your checks, and specific ways she mistreated you. Provide dates if you can remember when they occurred and the reasons for her mistreatment. Also include names of persons who witnessed these times.

Then write a letter describing this boss’ mistreatment and include you log of those times. Send it to your boss’s boss with copies to the Director of Human Resources and the Chief Executive Officer of the company that own the station. You probably won’t get that individual fired, but what you report might cause her to rethink how she treats people.What else might you do?

Above all else, you can learn. Learn what provoked your boss. Was it because you were irresponsible in the way you did your job? Did you come in late or fail to call in if you could not come to work? Were you a complainer? In short, if you did make some mistakes, look in the mirror and decide that in your next job you won’t make those same mistakes. Don’t allow this unhappy job experience sour you. Sure you would like to show your former boss that it is unkind to swear at those they boss and it is wrong to lie. But gossiping about that will cause those who hear your complaints to see you as a complainer.

What you want is to be seen as a positive, cheerful can-do individual; the kind of person people like to be around and one whom others could recommend for jobs.Most of all learn if working in a gas station is the kind of work you like and if it will provide the pay and benefits you need. Use this time to think through what training, education and experience you need in order get the kind of job you will like. Our site contains thousands of questions, some like yours of unhappy campers in jobs they would like to quit. Learn from those Q&As. Look them up in our Archive and study our advice.Life is hard enough without working where you are mistreated. So find a job in an employee-friendly workplace. Do your share to make that workplace successful. Think team. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that is what you want for your next boss, your coworkers, for the organization that employs you and for your self.

William Gorden