I Quit My Cussing Boss!


My boss demanded to know why a job due for today before 4 p.m. was not running! Ii received the job today around 10:30am this morning. It took me half an hour to scan the job, and another half an hour to send it from the network to the Xerox!! So around 11am, he comes up to me and asked me if the job was ready to be run on the Xerox, I said soon, its sending from the network now, I told him that the job ticket said the job needed to be perfect!! Around 11:20 a.m. the Xerox Technician comes to service the machine. I asked him how long is it going to take and he said not long, just a few minutes!! I said okay, and then my boss comes again and asks me if the job is running?? I said I’m shifting the job now, but the technician needs to check out the scanner (the Xerox cannot run during DIAGNOSTICS mode). Then he gets mad and says well THIS JOB IS DUE FOR TODAY AND YOU BETTER START IT, SWITCH IT TO THE OTHER MACHINE AND YOU BETTER GET TO THE F@#K TO IT NOW!!

I was shocked when he demanded for the job to me using profanity!! I thought that was very unprofessional for him as a BOSS. I left the job running, I got my jacket and went to the manager and told him I was leaving and he asked why? I told him that it was very inappropriate for the boss to be cursing, and I told him that I was not one of his kids for him to be treating me like that, and if this is going to a place that does not appreciate the workers, then I don’t need to be here!!! I’m fed with it!!! And I punched out and I am not returning any more!!! I have been there 3 years and 6 months, I’ve only gotten one raise and that was my first year, I do more than what I have too, I got injured twice at work and He told me not to go to the hospital!! And if I did not to mention it was work related, starting employees are being paid the same salary I am and I have more seniority!!!!! Is there anything that I can do??? Report to the Dept of Labors or talk to a Lawyer or something??? PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


Punched Out


Dear Punched Out:

Your boss pressed you go get a job moving and pressed and pressed in anger and swore about it. You reacted in anger and quit. I’m sure you had reason to be angry. Probably it would have been best rather than to quit in anger to say, “I’m sorry but I’m working on this as fast as I can. If you want me to switch to another machine, I will do so. I can work better when not pressured.” Then your boss would have been forced to decide if you were a valued enough employee to keep or to fire.

What can you do now? It is doubtful that an attorney or the Labor Department can help. There are laws against discrimination, but this does not appear to be one of them. Perhaps there should be laws against bad bossing but that so far has not happened. Rather it is something that your boss’s boss and the Human Resources department should be concerned about enough to correct.

What can you do now? You can return to your workplace and meet with your former manager and boss to apologize for quitting in a huff. Then you could ask for your job back if you have cooled off and if you think there is a possibility that you could be happy if your boss or some other boss and you could work together peacefully. Possibly your boss will also apologize and you two can come to an understanding about what you each might do to work together cooperatively. If you know your boss is a bad boss and there is little possibility that he will change, the other choice you had before you quit is to ask your manager or Human Resources if you might be transferred to another boss. Probably it is too late for that now.

You might consult a labor attorney about being told to go the hospital and not to say your injury was caused by a job accident. But since that is past, probably it is too late to have any claim against the company for that now.

Likely, now the choice you have is to hunt for another job. You were a good enough employee to work in a job for 3 and 1/2 years. You have some skills. You know the kind of boss you do not want to work for and the kind you do. So talk to friends about job prospects and do interviewing to learn about the kind of bossing you would have in a new job. Talk, if possible, with the individual who will likely be your new boss. Be straightforward about how you like a boss who gives clear instructions and on-the-job training and treats employees with respect.

We wish the best for you in your job hunt. I will conclude with a saying that we use to express our hope and faith that work can be cooperative and satisfying: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOs. Do feel free to write us again after a few weeks to let us know if you have found a new job and how it is going. The Workplace Doctors Follow Up Thanks for the advice, but I do not think I am going back!! 1. I need to get a raise 2. I have overworked myself for them 3. I got insured a couple of months ago a beam fell on my right shoulder and arm and instead of taking to the hospital took me to a private doctor!! My arm joints still crack once a day!! 4. I have my high school diploma and I just recently gotten my associates degree in architectural technology!! I don’t think my salary needs to be under 10 dollars, even vie been there for 3.5 yrs.

There have been various occasions that the boss has cursed at his employees!! If it weren’t for the employees he would have no business!!! I don’t think that it is very a professional of him!! If you were a boss would you go to your clients and tell him I need f@#King jobs??? I don’t think so!!! Also its a small business, so there is no union, no human resources, he’s the owner/boss of the place. Signed, Punched Out For Good

Dear Punched Out For Good: Good for you. Adding an associate degree on to your high school degree will make you more wanted. My best to you. Do look back on your unhappy job as learning how not to boss experience. Obviously, your boss/owner has gotten by by bullying employees. You will be happier elsewhere.

If your joints crack that may be normal, but you could have it checked out if it pains you. Did your past job provide medical insurance? If so, that should still cover doctor bills for your shoulder. Think WEGO. The Workplace Doctors

William Gorden