If Sick Should Boss Say, “Go Home?”


My coworker came to work feeling under the weather. A few hours into his shift, he had vomited. He asked if he could leave early, and my boss told him no. A few minutes later, had had vomited again, and yet my boss still did not let him leave. Is that allowed?


Can’t Stomach My Boss


Dear┬áCan’t Stomach My Boss:

If you are sick, you are entitled to leave. All the employee is required to do is inform his/her immediate supervisor of their illness and that he/she is leaving. If a medical excuse is required then I suggest that employee get one. What does your employee handbook say? How has your company addressed this issue in the past? Do you have an HR Manager? If so, ask him/her. The real issue is the fostering of good employee relations and this incident directly impacts the supervisor’s trust and value.

Working together is better when trust is earned and given. That’s working in a WEGO spirit.

Dan Kearney