If The Time Clock Is Wrong, Can They Dock Me?


I am aware that employers can dock employees for lateness; however, what recourse do I have if the time clock is four minutes fast? I have brought the fact of the time clock being fast to management, and their response was for me to set my clock to the time clock. Also, can they deduct from my overtime instead of my regular time if I am late to work?




Dear Docked:

The issue is twofold: is your clock actually correct? For the time being, no. Move your clock ahead five minutes and you won’t be late. Secondly, they are correct in deducting the time from your overtime. If you owe them, say 15 minutes, then you would not deduct from regular time, since you have already exceeded the 40 hours. If you worked 45 hours and 15 minutes total time, then they are correct in deducting from the total, not the subtotal of 40 hours.

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Dan Kearney