I’m Pregnant; Am I In A Protected Class?


I have announced that I am pregnant and due in April 2006. Our hospital is undergoing serious financial hardship and laying off people. Can I be laid off in my condition or am I in a “protected” status?


Lass With Special Class?


Dear Lass With Special Class?:

Congratulations. Unless there are specific Company policies that provide special consideration for pregnant employees, they would not be in a “protected” status. Become familiar with FMLA. There are leaves available to employees who qualify up to 12 weeks. You cannot be laid off if you are on a leave of absence as provided by FMLA, but that is not the case prior to an approved leave of absence. Best of luck. Workplace policies and practices should promote and protect the best interests of all stakeholders–employees, shareholders, owners, suppliers, customers, and the community and environment–That is WEGO mindedness.

Gerald Allen