In Search of ADA Space Guidelines!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about OSHA.

Is there a minimum ADA guideline or OSHA standard that says what the minimum amount of workspace an employee can work in? I am looking for a Code of Federal regulation or a standard/guideline. I have found ergonomic references to having computers at desks, but no references to the square area or formula.

Signed, Space Search

Dear Space Search:

Here are my thoughts on the ADA matter. As I recall, the usual standard of access is at least a 3′ wide space for wheelchairs. Are you in one? I’m not sure. If so, that would mean a work area with a 3′ wide assess and a clear area for turning a wheelchair within in the workspace so it could be maneuvered without hitting other obstacles. Businesses larger than 50 employees are supposed to make reasonable accommodations for things like work surface heights and access and, for other work facilities. As for a minimum work area, I’m not sure of what you need, but here is the link for the ADA site. They have various links for design standards so you can look for your situation and see what they say. You could also contact them to get some advice or insight: Good luck! WEGO is knowing how we can all work more efficiently and comfortably.

Steve Carney