Is A Warning By Phone Enough?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about verbal warnings:

Can a verbal warning be done via phone or does it have to be done face to face? What’s the rule for giving a verbal warning?

Signed, Rules

Dear Rules:

A verbal warning can be 1) Verbal; 2) Via telephone; 3) Via fax; 4) Via written document or any other form of communication so that you receive the warning. If they want to send it by certified mail then you received a verbal warning if such a warning has been either designated as verbal or deemed to be verbal by a reasonable person. You sir, are obfuscating the issue. You have been warned not to obfuscate in the future otherwise you will receive a written warning in the opinion of Dan Kearney, Guest Respondent & HR Manager

Earning and maintaining responsible and harmonious working relations hinge on attitude, not on rules of discipline. Whether you are the one who is warned or the one giving the warning, the reason behind it should be a matter of conversation, review, and reaffirmation of what will make a productive workplace. Does this make sense to you? If it does you, are on the way to what we mean by WEGO. Let us know if this information and these thoughts help. The Workplace Doctors

William Gorden