Is There A Form For A Warning Before Dismissal?


I want to give my employees a two week warning before dismissal. Is there a form for that?


Need a Form


Dear Need a Form:

We don’t have such a form, but HR sites online might have it. However, you do not have to have a specific form. You can write a letter on your own just as well.

Usually however, the issue isn’t that you give someone a two week warning, it’s that you put them on a Performance or Behavior Improvement Plan for a month or so. THEN, you work with them to help them improve the things that were problematic. Or, you talk to them about how they could do better in the future. If they still are doing the problem things, you dismiss them, as you said you would.

One way to write such a plan is to state what has happened and why it is a concern. (Rules violations, disrupts work, wastes materials or makes it impossible to get all the work done, etc.)

State what you want the employee to do to be performing or behaving correctly. State what you will do to help. (Provide training, be available for assistance if needed, etc.) State that you are giving the employee X amount of time to show that he can work the correct way or behave the correct way.

State what you will do if work performance does not improve progressively, or if the employee does some specific wrong thing again.

Close with a paragraph stating that you are sure the employee can do the job the right way and you would like to keep him or her as an employee, so this probationary time will give the employee a chance to show that he is willing and able to work at a high level.

I hope that format will help you develop a letter that works for you. Or, as I said, you might check an HR site to find specific forms.

Best wishes!

Tina Lewis Rowe

Tina Lewis Rowe

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