Is This Bullying and Discrimination?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a new boss who refuses to submit paper work for disability due to car accident:

I worked at my job fourteen years and never had a problem with my boss. Then, my boss was let go.  My new boss came in and started picking on me. He wrote me up 10 times in three months.I got hurt on the job and he had to sign the paper work for workers comp. but he never did. I was in bad car accident and I had to take a medical leave of absence. I gave him all the doctors letters and files and all necessary paper work. But, he never signed for my medical leave. Is this discrimination? Before all this he was always threatening me about me losing my job. He did this for a whole year and I wound up having a nervous breakdown. What should I do?

Signed, Feeling Bullied

Dear Feeling Bullied:

You would need to talk to a local attorney to find out if there are issues related to discrimination. It doesn’t appear there would be anything along that line.This has obviously been going on for quite a while and there may be some logical reasons behind it–or not. For example, your last boss was fired. Maybe the new boss was told to correct problems. You have received write-ups, which sounds like they were warnings. So, apparently your boss hasn’t asked to have you fired, but he wants you to do better in some areas. If you have evidence that he is wrong in a write-up you should always take those to HR or to your boss’s boss when the situation is happening.

Right now it seems that your biggest problem has to do with sick leave and workman’s compensation. The worker’s comp is regulated by law, so your boss cannot ignore the paperwork involved.You should immediatedly contact the HR section of your company. Or, if the company is too small to have such a section, contact the person above your boss. Explain that you need help to make sure you are covered by workmen’s comp or to make sure you get sick leave.Also, tell them that if there is a reason you aren’t getting help you’d like for someone to explain that to you.You need to be communicating daily about what is happening, until you get the correct forms signed and filed according to your company’s policies.

I can tell this is an unpleasant situation for you. It may be that your supervisor thinks it’s unpleasant for him as well! There are undoubtedly many things going on at once that have created the problems between you and him.When you are able to come back to work, consider getting a copy of one of your performance evaluation forms if you are given those annually. See what it is you are rated on. Then, work every day to fulfill those areas at a high level. If you have friends at work, perhaps they can advise you as well, since they are right there and know how your company operates and what options you have. Best wishes to you as you deal with your injuries and the problems with your job. It will take some strength on your part to keep going. But, you may find if you can do that you can get some things worked out with your boss and work will improve.

Tina Lewis Rowe