Is Why I Take A Sick Day My Business?


In the state of Illinois, can an employer ask an employee why they are taking a sick day?


Can They Ask?


Dear Can They Ask?:

It depends if the question is job-related or casual conversation or if your presence is required for performance of necessary tasks, in other words, your presence is required. If you’re looking for cause in an action, look elsewhere. Could it be that this person was just showing concern? Worried that something is seriously wrong? Offering assistance. Rather than taking your present position, try ignoring or just saying “It’s personal, thank you for your concern.”

My present position quip referred to the defensive nature of the person asking this question. One should try not to jump to conclusions when all the facts aren’t in. Trying to guess other’s motives usually lands us in trouble. The answer to when or how a sick day is excused and whether they need a Doctor’s “Excuse” depends on the company. Some companies deduct merit points for sick days; some require an excuse. This person should look in their employee handbook for the answer to the question. The handbook might say three sick days per 125 workdays is allowed or 5 sick days per year. How each is handled SHOULD be in the book.

A positive mental attitude thinks WEGO.

Dan Kearney