Just A Little Attention

One of the top things that makes me feel good is making people smile or knowing that I could make their day just a little bit better by doing something for them. Anyone that has worked in a restaurant probably has a story or two about things that really brighten their day. One specific instance stands out to me. It was probably around a year ago and I was working as a host at the time so I was in charge of carrying out orders. This little sweet old man had come in to place a takeout order. We were not busy at the time so him and I began to make small talk while he waited. He told me that his wife had just been put into a nursing home and that he had just recovered from knee surgery, so he wasn’t walking very well. We continued to talk for around ten more minutes about his life and then when his food was up I offered to help him take it out to his car because I knew he was having trouble walking.

When we got to his car he thanked me for helping him by carrying the food out to his car. He proceeded to tell me how much he appreciated me doing that deed for him and much how I cheered him up that day. He also told me how much of a beautiful young lady I was, and to not let anyone tell me different and that we needed more people like me in the world. I didn’t realize just by doing a simple task like that could make someone’s day so much better, and I am so happy I did so because it brightened my day as well.