Late To Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about late rules:

I live in Indiana. We go by a 7-minute rule. If you are 7 minutes late, you get docked 15 minutes. I know and understand that now they say it is up to your supervisor. If she wants to add 3 days in a row of being late to dock you 15 minutes, she can. Is this true or can they just do what they want?

Signed, Working Against The Clock

Dear Working Against The Clock:

The Time Clock is set up on a 15 minute schedule so that if you clock in 7 minutes or more late, you are docked a quarter of an hour. And yes, they can do that. It’s called being tardy. If you are late three days in a row, they call that excessive tardiness and can suspend and up to and including dismissal. To solve this problem, set your clock 15 minutes earlier, and this will never be an issue again!!!!Individual responsibility has much to do with workplace success. Think WEGO.

William Gorden