Loose Or Tough About Lateness!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about subordinate supervisors who are too strict or loose about tardy policy:

I have a situation in regard to how supervisors handle adherence to our ‘tardy’ policy. I am division manager in a local government agency. Our office policy for being late is that an employee is to tell their supervisor when/if they are late and make arrangements to make it up. Making it up in practice can be taking vacation time, starting or ending work early/late or shortening lunch hour if the employee is not on a 30-minute lunch schedule.

Situation ~ I have three supervisors, two of which are rather loose about noticing late- comers and do not generally require a make up. They consider it not majoring in the minors.The third is hard nosed about it and attentive to latecomers. She points it out to them and reminds staff they have to make up the time one way or another.

She is dead on the policy and consistent with administration of the policy but gets some ‘heat’ as she is perceived nitpicky and anal about it. I receive quite a few complaints from her staff.Dilemma ~ Do you have suggestions as to how I might accelerate adherence of the policy by the two ‘easy’ supervisors without creating the expected resentment towards the one who adheres to the policy? It isn’t fair to the staff involved if one of three supervisors sticks to policy while other crews do not.

I think the ideal situation is a middle ground where the one person lightens up a little and the other two elevate their attention to the policy in a reasonable manner.This is almost an everyday issue for me and I’m struggling with it significantly. I do not want to micro manage and try to avoid undermining my supervisory staff at all costs.Any suggestions?I very much enjoy your website and have used your Q & A Archives to help me with several workplace issues. I appreciate having found it on the Internet! Thank you for your time and input.

Signed, Division Manager

Dear Division Manager:

All the supervisors should be adhering to the tardy policy because it is a company policy that has been established for a reason and, therefore, should be enforced. As the division manager, I would suggest you establish a set of goals to be accomplished during the upcoming years — New Year’s Resolutions if you want to call it that. Meet with your supervisors about your policy. This group should know you will not be singling out the tardy policy. The group should agree to all work faithfully on the plan. You should observe and follow through to see that the goals are accomplished.Ownership to policy flows from creating policies. Think WEGO

Gerald Allen, Guest HR Respondent