Love My Job

I’ve been in Biology for three years now, and I’m really loving it.  The department is so large that they have multiple support staff, and I get to do my absolute favorite thing, which is personnel.  Everything from placing ads for new hires (they have a LOT of grants, huge amounts, and are always hiring research techs and postdocs), through RTP and eventually retirement.  It’s a very kind, grateful, fun, appreciative department with lots of laughter.  I love it.

It actually surprised me that working with these incredibly smart people – who are working on a vaccine to prevent breast cancer, reproductive issues for men and women, water quality safety, etc. etc. etc., that they are still SO down to earth.  They are so overwhelmingly NICE, funny, and appreciative of all I do for them.  I feel very valued as a person, not just as someone who can do things for them to make their lives easier. Sent to Ask the Workplace Doctors and granted permission to Post It. We welcome more such feel goods. We post all anonymously to protect privacy and any motive other than good will. They help balance questions of frustration. –William Gorden