Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about RN pay:

Hi I wanted to first thank you in advance for letting me ask this involved question. First I was an LPN who is paid a lower rate than a RN. After I went back to school and obtained my Degree as a RN I went to work for a hosp. who gave me half of my LPN years as a RN for pay. Wonderful . WE had a big raise last 2 yrs ago and I actually was given credit for all my LPN years!! So any ways, I am being promoted and they are not giving me a pay raise because they say I make too much money. I will tell you that my yearly performance is always A+++++! I am receiving my yearly increase 5% and feel they think this is suffice enough with no raise with the job promotion! What do you think???

Signed, Want Fair Pay

Dear Want Fair Pay:

After reading this more succinct description of your situation and re-reading your earlier question and also getting suggestions from my associate, Tina Rowe, I will amend the earlier advice sent. You may feel discriminated against because you think you deserve more pay, but you are not. You say all your years as an LPN have been counted just as if you had been a RN from the beginning. Not being paid as much as you want because after you have been promoted  and are making too much is not discrimination–as in sex, race, national origin, age. So that word rather if used should be explained as you think you deserve more pay because you have been assigned more responsibility. Actually, having been given the status you have and getting a 5% annual raise is not something to sneeze at. And the whole business of more pay than others can be divisive and fosters an “I am more important than others mindset”.

More pay is certainly overdone for and by those at the top in many organizations, so possibly the case you really should be making is for a union that will negotiate a fair share of the total pie. This won’t help you as an individual knowing you do not have a union. But hopefully while you make a case for yourself, you will also make a case for those who are not fairly treated and do not have the fine record that you do, not because they don’t try. Most people do the best they can. Not all of us are so blessed as those like you who have exceptional motivation and talent. If you wish please keep me posted on what results from your better pay efforts.

William Gorden