Lunchroom Clean Up

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about lunch room clean up:

As a union employee, should I be forced into lunchroom clean up even though I do not use the facilities?

Signed, Not Fair

Dear Not Fair:

Yes, it’s not fair to be assigned to clean it up if you don’t dirty it up. That’s assuming that clean up is extra work during the break or lunch hour. Your job assignment as a union member is determined by your contract. Right? If your contract permits supervisors to assign such duties as clean up as she/he decides, then you are expected to comply.

Ideally, whether you are or aren’t a union member, work loads and kind of work should be assigned according to the skills of workers and fair distribution of load. Ideally, labor and management should come to an agreement on what is good for all employed. Ideally, the goal of all workplaces should be to organize so as to mutually benefit all stakeholders, particularly those who labor, manage, and invest. Of course, ideally, the goal of work is not to just make a profit, but to build a healthy, happy community; from plumbing to library, homes and hospitals, bridges and roads, schools, playgrounds and beautification, police and fire protection. I hope you can voice your concerns about distaste for clean up with good humor and good sense. There are far more important things to be frustrated about. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and I wish your union success in that.

William Gorden