Grad Asks About Maintaining Personal Relationships

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about maintaining personal relationships with a professional career: 


I am about to graduate from college soon and look forward to beginning my professional career. However, throughout my time at school I have been working two jobs which I will have to give up once I transition to a full-time career. I currently work as both a server and a nanny and I have grown very attached to the owners/co-workers at my restaurant job and the family I work for while babysitting. How do I quit these jobs and still maintain the personal relationships?


Hate to Say Goodbye

Answer by Guest Respondent, Alexa Brower:

Dear Hate to Say Goodbye:

Change can be both exciting and difficult. The fact that you have managed to develop relationships with those you currently work with is indicative of good interpersonal skills. That’s definitely something you will find beneficial in your future career! Employees who get along well with others is something every employer will find desirable.

Despite your current concerns, I am certain that your co-workers and employers are excited to see you growing as a person and moving on to the next phase of your life. I would be sure to keep them in the loop as you come to the end of your college courses. Talk excitedly with them about your approaching graduation and future job prospects. This will keep them “in the loop” and allow them to encourage you as you move forward in your life, rather than being blindsided by your sudden departure from your current working positions.

Guest Respondent, Alexa Brower