Manager Made My Life Hell & Fired Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about angry manager: she ceased my contract and told me to leave by COB that day.

I recently took on a temp job but realized it was not what I wanted. The manager was angry. I did not want it and she made my life hell. She made nasty comments to coworkers and stated I was being hooked in by another team for promotion. Even though I told her this was not true, she ceased my contract and told me to leave by COB that day. Luckily I have a job to go to, but I feel very disrespected and upset at her attitude and lack of respect for me. I have known her for 17 years and worked with her for 6 years. She just turned nasty on m. Now I feel like I can’t communicate with her; she had ditched me. I took forced leave so she could slot someone else in the role. I feel so depressed about it.

Signed, Ditched

Dear Ditched:

Yes, you are lucky you had another job to go to. Unfortunately, you no longer have this individual as a friend. Should you simply say goodbye and good riddance or should you make an effort to reconcile. You’ll have to decide. Possibly after a few days or weeks you will know what you want to do. Sometimes it is best to let the past be past and to focus on the future.

Other times, it is worth the trouble to at least reconnect. Apologize for what you did that provoked this acquaintance of 17 years and learn if she can also put the past past. See if she can understand why this conflict escalated to you being told to leave. Life is too short to allow anger to fester. Learn what you can from this unhappy situation and chalk it up to the many disagreements and disappointments of that happen in the workplace.

I hope you will scan a few of the thousands of Q&As we have posted. They should help you see your current temp job as a career pathway; one of learning on the job and learning what you need in order to find work that is more than just a job. By that, I mean finding work where you feel you can put your heart in it. Click on the name of my co-workplace doctor Tina Lewis Rowe and study her short essays about caring about your job and life. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Embedded in this last sentence is the message that what matters to others and to us is that we are interdependently seeking to feel good and enjoy the richness that comes from learning how to work together.

William Gorden