Manager (Not Mine) Trying To Boss Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being bossed by not my boss:

I am an HR Generalist and am having trouble with a manager that I am doing a recruitment for. He tries to manage me by giving me orders, criticizing me, and talking to my boss about me. My boss is very supportive and has warned me about him and his motives, but I can’t shake him. My boss has defended me to him and his boss just ignores him. Part of the problem is that he want to hire only young Asian women and overlooks other, better qualified, candidates. How do you suggest I handle this person?

Signed, HR Told What To Do

Dear HR Told What To Do:

First off, he’s doing the hiring, not you. Second, you and/or your boss has advised him of the consequences. Third, you are not the boss nor are you the decision maker here; therefore, give him the Asian woman and if and when a discrimination suit comes, you can say you told him so. They are on your case because you are not doing what they want you to. Therefore, give them what they want. You won’t get sued, they will. And if you experience moral outrage with this, then quit. These thoughts are not the only way to approach this. You also put in writing your objection to what you think is discrimination. Couple that with an oral statement of your position and state you will follow his orders with this objection. Using both the written and oral channel to communication places you in the clear and puts the onus on him

Dan Kearney & Bill Gorden