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Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors managers advice:

Is there any kind of chatline (or something similar) that might help managers get advice on handling HR issues from other managers? I know MSN has several groups but have found nothing along these lines. Please help. Thank you.

Signed, Pass It On

Dear Pass It On:

We do not know of or participate in HR Chatlines; but there might be some in your area or you can enlist other HR managers to start one. Dan Kearney, who worked in Illinois as a HR Manager suggests: You are probably best off looking at for various agencies that provide assistance. I know we have a network in Oak Brook, IL but it might be difficult to find one in your area. · Society for Human Resource Management 1800 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA Phone US Only: 800 283 SHRM Phone International +1(703) 548 3440Another of our guest respondents with HR experinece, Jerry Allen, recommends · If you find a chatline that you like, please inform us. I’m sure you also will find our Archives and Winning Workplaces of special value.

William Gorden