Miss My Music

Although speakers can be used by heavy machine operators, some clerical employees like me are prohibited from bringing in unauthorized small electronic devices. Is there a reason I’m being singled out?  –Signed, Can’t Listen to My Music

Dear Can’t Listen to My Music

You are fortunate to have a job in a place where you earn more money and that you like. You like everything but that you are not able to listen to music on your own devices.  You understand why those who work where there are heavy machines are not allowed to do that, but you don’t see why you can’t.      

Have you met with your boss to learn why you can’t? What did he say? And are there others like who can see no good reason for prohibiting music that could be private with ear buds? If after talking with your boss, you can see no good reason for blocking you from bringing your own source of music, do you have any options?             

Your options are to quietly comply,, to grumble, to comply grudgingly or to earn respect for doing outstanding work, so much so that you will be listened to about this request. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. –William Gorden