Multinational Claiming To Be A Small Company


I work for a multinational company with offices around the world; however, in the part of the US that I work, the corporation created a company that have less than 50 workers and claims they are exempted from FMLA rules.


Is This Legal?


DearĀ Is This Legal?:

Apparently, you have reason to think the rules of Family Medical Leave Act should apply to you and/or your coworkers. Whether your company is within the law to so structure itself to be exempt from the FMLA rules is a legal matter that is beyond the expertise of our site. Should you need to investigate this matter, in addition to researching it via the Internet and your local library, this you might contact your state and federal departments of labor.

I’m sorry that we can’t help, but are interested if this is a purposeful dodge of a good regulation.

William Gorden