Must Hold Breath Near Co-worker!


I share an office with a co-worker (female) in the mornings. She comes in smelling like her dogs. She owns a kennel. In the afternoon, she sits with a space heater at her feet to keep her feet warm. But the real problem here is that she has bad BO. If I stand next to her I have to hold my breath, or if she is standing next to my desk I have to do the same. She as been talked to about the dog smell by her super. I had also asked her super to talk to her about her bad BO. She told me no!!!!!

Can you give me some advise on how to handle this situation.


Sharing An Office


Dear Sharing An Office:

As you know if you read the many questions in our Archive, you are not alone with this stinking problem. Your super should speak to your BO co-worker. However, since it is you who don’t like it, you will need to have the courage to speak up firmly but kindly, or hold your nose. You could anonymously send her deodorant and bathing advice, but would that not be the chicken way to cope? If you were the problem, wouldn’t you respect the person who talked to you about it rather than reported it to her boss? If so, you will do so. Might it also be good for you to share with your boss Hygiene Guidelines? My associate workplace doctor Tina Rowe has prepared such and you can access them on our Search in the Archive.

Rather than repeat our advice on this topic, type in body order in our Archive search, and you will get more than you want.

Working together sometimes calls forth delicate matters. Coping with them honestly and kindly is bound up in the meaning of our signature WEGO. Do share with us how you choose to cope. The purpose of our forum is to share what works and does not.

William Gorden