My Boss Is Potty-Mouth Offensive

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss who curses and threatens no pay:

My boss has a potty mouth and is very offensive; he curses at me, offends me even through text messages, and threatens me with holding my pay check.

Signed, Cursed

Dear Cursed:

Rather than send specific advice, please scan our archives because we get many questions such as yours. Then send us what you expect we will advise. In short, you must work scared or speak up. Here’s a recent Q&A: Is there anything I can do about the top guy in the company I work for yelling and cursing and me? Cursed Maybe you can’t do anything. Do you like this answer? I’m sure you don’t and you shouldn’t. You are an adult. You have been hired to do a job, and if you make a mistake, you should be better instructed on how not to make mistakes. If you are irresponsible, your supervisor and/or top guy should explain firmly that either you shape up and take responsibility or you will have to go.Bosses who yell and curse do so because that has worked for them. Their yelling and cussing is a habit, just as many people use four-letter words when something doesn’t go right for them. And they target whoever gets in their way. And you are it. Sooooo what will you do?We have provided detailed advice on this topic many times. You can access that in our Archives under the category of verbal abuse. I’m referencing one such Q&A. Study it and others. If you don’t find help in it, write us again and tell us more explicitly about your situation; your analysis of why you are yelled at and cussed, how you react, and what you have tried. See Co-Worker Yells At Me! Meanwhile, steel yourself against becoming sour.

Guard against gossiping and complaining to coworkers. Make your self so valuable that you are wanted. Focus on delivering high quality goods and services. Cheer on others. Do what you reasonably can to make your boss’ job easier. If you do these things, voicing your dislike for being yelled at and cursed will be heard. Think about what my signature sentence might mean to you and to those with whom you work: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden