My Boss Owes Me Pay!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about money owed:

My boss owes me for files that I have closed. I am on 100% commission/independent contractor. I have requested numerous times, written and verbal, but I keep getting pushed to the back burner. I have about had it with this run around and I am looking into getting an attorney involved. Any thoughts?

Signed, Payless

Dear Payless:

Do you have a contract? Have you a log of requests made for payment? If not, do the best you can to list the numerous times you have requested payment and to whom you made the requests. In short, prepare a statement with a letter to the employer stating what you are owed for the services performed, dates of service, and a list of your attempts that have gone nowhere. Address your letter to the individual to whom you have made the requests and to her/his boss and/or to the chief financial officer. Have you previously had a good relationship with this employer and do you want to continue to work under contract with her/him? If so, state that previous to this problem that you have been pleased to work with this firm and have delivered quality work that satisfied the requirements. Also include a sentence to the effect that you should not have to employ an attorney to resolve this because that could cost them for attorney fees and that if you cannot resolve this within two weeks you may be forced to do so.

Keep a copy of your letter. I predict that you will get results. If not, speak to an attorney. Or do so in advance to learn if you have a case and if an attorney will take your case contingent on payment. An attorney will include fees in payment.Think positively. Act professionally. Organizations sometimes need to be prodded to behave in their own best interests. Give should match get. That is collaboration of effort and reward, what we call WEGO.

William Gorden