My Coworker Cursed Me


My coworker cursed at me twice. Can she be fired?




Dear Cursed:

I doubt she can be fired for cursing you twice. However, unless you work under a union contract, she and you both can be fired for a good reason or no reason. And, squabbling can be a reason for that. Might not the more important question you should ask is: Why was I cursed and what might be done to change cursing to cheer leading? Sure if bitten, it is natural to want to bite back. But she and you are not dogs; you are adults that are in jobs that call for some interaction. So what was it that provoked these two times your coworker exploded against you? Look in the mirror and see if you are clear about who is assigned to do what and if so, how might you make work for one another easier rather than more frustrating? Confront her. Ask if you can have a little time out and hammer out an agreement about what you each should and should not do. Wouldn’t that be better than trying to get her fired and she trying to do the same for you? If she refused to meet and to come to an agreement, then you can tell her that you two should meet with the supervisor and get a ruling on assignments and procedures so that they conflict a little as possible. Think big. Think about caring. Think about doing what is good for both of you and making your workplace successful enough that neither of you is fired. Think about what my signature sentences means: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Isn’t that what you really want?

William Gorden