My Previous Employer

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about fired after accusing an employer of an affair:

My previous employer is having an affair, I have noticed what has been going on over the months. I confronted my employer about the affair and was fired due to the accusations. What are my legal rights?

Signed, Fired

DearĀ Fired:

We are sorry to learn you have been fired. What might you do–you asked you say because you were fired after confronting your employer about what you describe as observing her/him having an affair? We answer workplace communication questions, not legal ones. Therefore to learn if you have “legal rights” you need to consult an attorney. However, I doubt that there is any protection against being fired to voicing a complaint about a superior engaging in an affair. Probably the best you can do is not to see yourself as a victim or to gossip about your former employer. Rather update your resume focusing on the projects you’ve completed and skills you have.

Next search out companies for which you’d like to work. Then contact friends and others you know to talk with them about your job hunt. Don’t ask them to help you get a job, but rather describe the places you’d like to work. If they know anyone in those places, they will suggest the names of persons you might contact or more than likely they will other places to which you might apply and individuals they know there whom you might contact. A job search is rarely a walk in the park. It requires persistence and a positive attitude. So get up each day, dress as though were going for a job interview, and get out of the house.

Make contacts and put this past unhappy experience out of your mind. Guard against badmouthing that former employer when you present yourself in a job interview. Does any of this make sense? Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that the kind of place of which you want to become a part.

William Gorden