My Supervisor Is Cutting Productivity!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about lessening productivity: My supervisors are cutting my productivity by as much as 70% and are antagonizing me, to the point of trying to make me lash out.

Hints Please. I have been working at my present position for 13 years, in a manner conducive to favorable responses. I have recently been forced to radically change my work ethic and to leave my present position. Management is in a quarrel with a custody element and will not allow me to continue my standard work practices. In fact it is blatant and demeaning to me. Practices by this management team are close to criminal and detrimental financially to the citizens of the state of California. I am not, what is perceived as the “typical State worker.” My supervisors are cutting my productivity by as much as 70% and are antagonizing me, to the point of trying to make me lash out. Sorry for the cryptic note, but I am very disturbed by this issue.

Signed, Not Typical

Dear Not Typical:

I’m sorry to hear about of the problems you mentioned. It sounds like you were a conscientious worker and are being pressured to do bad or unethical work. Is any of this tied to budget cutbacks? You have also raised some serious issues in your e-mail, although I don’t know the specifics of what is going on. Is there a HR (human resource) person or Personnel Director you could talk to? That might be your best bet. Perhaps you could outline the details of what has occurred and e-mail or fax them to someone in HR on a state level. Another thought is to contact the local state representative in your district. They could probably suggest who to talk to and bring the information to.

Based on what you have alluded to, I would follow through and contact some people with authority and budgetary control over state policies and procedures. I think they might want to hear your story. I hope you can bring in some help–don’t try to tackle this on your own! WEGO is finding help and following through to help solve problems.

Feedback: Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion is what I did. I went to The Associate Warden and the Equal Employment Officer at our site. They were ready for me, telling me that the Managers in that position had already discussed it. The Incident I described was pretty much ignored. I was not been there to find out their next course of action. (I left the meeting with an irritated medical condition not related). The deck is stacked, and I’m as sure as I can be that they can retaliate at will. The system they use is more fail proof on free staff than it is inmates, being that the system has been abused so often. Budget restraints are in my favor for I am the one that wants to have more crew and be able to have mutable projects. This my point.. By the time any thing will be noticed, I will either have been silenced or totally discredited.I talked to a union rep, and he talked to the manager in question (He now has more ammo), and informed me that He is willing to talk to me. It was harder than hell to get a job with the State being a white male, and it will be easy to disgrace one. I am a large person and am very much aware of it. I bend over backwards to try to show people my character, and I was fortunate enough to have parents to instill upon me not to be prejudice, pink is not my shade. And the manager is on the short side, believe me this complex is very common to me. I am not saying he is but until this episode I respected him as I do all initially. A job I once very much enjoyed has become my dudgeon. Thanks for listening.

Steven H. Carney