Nearly Sold Out Again

A feel good moment  balances the questions of frustration we get submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors

The first thing I’m most proud of with my current job is the feedback I receive from my customers about how much they appreciate my hard work and dedication to my job.  I work on a 24 hour respond rate, if not sooner, and have countless compliments commending me for my speedy response rate and urgency to help.  Although working with various types of personalities can be frustrating at times, keeping a cool head and consistent fingers on the keyboard always perseveres.  It comes to show that your hard work really does pay off, eventually.

The second thing I’m most proud of is for the last two years, I have completely sold out the exhibit floor for our largest show (nearly 200 exhibitors).  I created game plans on how I wanted to sell the space; created goals of how many booths I wanted to sell when; and organized a communication plan for exhibitors to have before, during and after the conference.  Going on my 4th year of selling exhibit space for a show; I’m nearly sold out again and the show isn’t until April.  Setting your mind to something and sticking to it is key – and even when you fail, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure – it means you need to tweak your process, so you can be successful for round 2.