Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired: After I texted their son, “I will be at work in the morning”, I immediately got a call back, saying “You and I need to part ways”

The owner’s son, where I work, cussed me out for a misunderstanding. I was trying to help him. There’s no need to go into his the language. I simply asked him “not to talk to me that way” and he got worse and jumped down and moved towards me, cussing, yelling, and screaming. I was told to take the rest of the day off. When I explained to my Boss (their mom) what had happened, she denied the facts of it and said; “That’s just how he is.”

So he tried to get me to quit when all I wanted was an apology and to keep my job. My other Boss (their Dad) called me after I tried to get a hold of them many times. I called many numbers. After I texted their son, “I will be at work in the morning”, I immediately got a call back, saying “You and I need to part ways” And they said I didn’t do what they had asked me to do; to wash a truck on time, which I did. And I was also to help their other son Michael; which I did. I’m not sure what to do? They won’t pick up when I call and/or reply to voice-mails or messages.

Signed, Need To Part Ways

Dear Need To Part Ways:

You need to hunt for another job. You were fired. So don’t beg to get your job back. Learn from this. Life is not fair and life on the job is not. You can quit any time you like and your employer can fire you any time she/he or them like unless you have a contract and/or a union negotiated agreement. Obviously you need a job. All of us do.

Apparently the best you could find was working for a mom and pop operation; probably because that is the only skills you have as of now. Learning to work with difficult people is not easy and your now know that. I hope you can review what provoked the cussing and will be able to cope with such poor mannered coworkers and bosses until you have the kind of skills that will enable you to either have a business of your own or can get the training needed for a career, not just a job.

There is nothing wrong with hard, hand labor and dirty work. But it isn’t easy to find such jobs in which those, who do the work, have bosses that treat those they boss with respect. Check out our Archives. We have hundreds of Q&As about how to cope with difficult work situations such as yours. And sometimes even before you are fired by a cussing boss it is best to vote with your feet.

Does this make sense? I conclude with a general bit of wisdom: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. By that I mean hopefully you will find a job in which your boss finds you are a responsible, capable employee and together you each do you part to get your instructions clear and to achieve the goals of your workplace.

William Gorden