New And My Questions Are Not Answered!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about inadequate instruction and curt trainer:

I have just started at a new job and I love the work, but it I am having a problem with the women in my area. The first day, I did not have access to the software and one lady was supposed to train me. After the 3rd day, she was very short and curt with me when I asked questions. On the fifth day, my computer was set up and I asked her a question and she started yelling saying that I don’t give her enough information to answer my questions. I told her that I don’t know what information she needs to answer my questions because I have only been at the job for a couple of days. Now they don’t help at all and I have found the atmosphere quite chilling. I don’t know what to do?

Signed, New On The Job

Dear New On The Job:

Your situation is one that I have also faced and I know how frustrating it can be! There seems to be a lack of procedural guidelines and accountability on the part of the management and staff there. Are you on good terms with the person who hired you? Have you told them about these problems? If not, I suggest that you try to discuss the lack of training and follow through with them. It almost seems like there are some unresolved problems there, and unless they are addressed, they might continue. There appears to be a lack of communication among the employees and managers about your role, what was expected of you, and how much training you were to receive. You could explain that you can’t be effective without the training.

Suggest that the person who is not receptive to your questions might be too busy and ask if there is someone else who could provide the training and support you need. Anytime a new employee starts, it’s common for them to require training and support that could go on for weeks or months. Any competent manager understands that reality and would want you to have the best start possible. It seems like it will be up to you to raise the issues. You can use the perspective that you want to do a great job and you like the work but you aren’t getting the support you need to do your best. They should respond to that approach and that way, you aren’t pointing the finger at anyone, just presenting a legitimate concern.I hope these ideas are helpful. Let us know how things go.WEGO is using communication to raise concerns and solve problems.

Steven H. Carney