New Hire Better Pay

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unfair pay advantage to new hire:

I am in a possible situation where the place I work may hire someone at a higher rate than I am currently at, yet I will not only have worked a year longer in the position, I will be required to much of the training. The jobs are exactly the same. The pay scale has two ranges. I started at the low one and after a year will get the high one. They are thinking of hiring this person at the high one as they have had a tough time filling the position. I think this would be unfair. I think if they do this, the right thing to do would be to immediately promote my salary. I shouldn’t have to wait if the new person didn’t. What do you think of this situation and any suggestions of how I might inquire or express my feelings? Thanks as always I respect your answer very much.

Signed, Stiffed

Dear Stiffed: You raise some reasonable concerns. Employers are sometimes a bit thoughtless with issues like you outlined. Are you on good terms with your boss or manager? (Or who is making the hiring decision?) If so, you should be able to express your concerns and ask for some clarification of their plans; wouldn’t it be fair for you to get the same pay if you have to train the new person, etc. The key is probably to ask about the issue but not make a demand for equal pay. Express concern, that is seems unfair to you, could they explain it, etc. Would they be willing to work with you on this? At a minimum, you could find out if your guess about not being able to find someone is on track. If they won’t do it right away, can/will they agree to reconsider in a few months? That way, you keep the door open and the discussion going.I hope that helps! WEGO is using honest and sincere communication to help solve problems!

Steven H. Carney