New Job Past Job

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about echo of past job:

I have been offered a job, but in previous job had a final warning. Can this affect my new job?

Signed, Fresh Start

Dear Fresh Start:

Possibly it could; however, employers and personnel offices are careful not to badmouth an employee should a new workplace inquire about her/him. We don’t give legal advice, but this a question addressed in several sites. summarizes what pretty much says you shouldn’t worry unless that new employer has talked with some of your former coworkers.

In this climate of litigation, the probability is that most organizations that have been given the proper legal advice will only disclose three pieces of information about you, no matter the quality of the job you did:

1. Dates you were employed.

2. Your job description or employment capacity.

3. Your salary information. Some information is absolutely prohibited from disclosure: 1. School records, without your consent; 2. Criminal history, though this varies from state to state and the nature of the prospective employer (however, your criminal record is public info, available to all);  Medical records, without your consent;

4. Questions about a disability you may have, unless that disability impinges directly on your ability to perform the job even if the prospective employer makes “reasonable accommodations”;

5. Certain governmental records, such as personnel records of local or state employees in some jurisdictions (Even if not provided by your previous employer, government employee records are public info);

6. Your history of worker’s compensation claim(s). Read more:

The important thing is that you learn from the mistakes that resulted in the warning. Don’t gossip about your past. Rather focus on being a responsible and capable employee in this new job. Think big. By that I mean work as though you owned this new workplace. Think about the meaning of my closing sentence: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden