New Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about new boss’ authority:

I was advised when asked an earlier question about a new supervisor in the organization that I have worked in for 20 years to maybe start pretending to make this kind of person look good, when all they is doing is making me look bad. For example, I was asking a question about how to fill out the proper paperwork for a client’s file. So I ask a supervisor who had been in the office for 23 years, versus this particular supervisor who is still in training, not trying to be disrespectful at all, but they took it that way and specifically stated to me that they was my supervisor, not the other person that I went to, I felt that was unnecessary, especially when no harm was intended.

This new supervisor has only been with the company for less than two months and already she is on a defensive attack mode for whatever reason. Now I was ask to make a person that behaves like that and I have done nothing wrong in the first place nor even given a chance to explain myself where someone listens before I am being accused of being insubordinate just for asking a question. I do know that people who have a deep passion and desire to remain at face and in control always tries to implicate that you are undermining their direct authority when they simply in fact no they are wrong. Now how can a person befriend someone who does not show themselves friendly so early in the game?

Signed, Twenty Years and Counting

Dear Twenty Years and Counting:

I’ve responded to you in a separate email and therefore,will not repeat that. It is clear you feel you are absolutely in the right and think your supervisor is dead wrong. And you have no intention of mending fences and learning if you can have a cooperative working relationship. You don’t have to like her, but you do have to find a way to work for the best of your job your company or work at odds with her. You are close to the situation and should know best.

William Gorden