Not a question but a thank you

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a thank you:

Hello! I’m the one who asked about needing/wanting more vacation time. Thank you Dr. Gorden and Ms. Lewis-Rowe for the advice. I followed Ms. Lewis-Rowe’s advice to mention my dilemma to my boss. I was sure she would just sympathize and say “yeah, too bad but I can’t allow you to go,” but she actually brought up lots of options I didn’t know so I can go (there’s a change schedule policy that I didn’t know!). Also, I tried talking to my fiance, and although he didn’t feel good about it at first he rescheduled it on a weekend. Again, thanks for your advice! Andrea

Signed, One Who Asked

DearĀ One Who Asked:

You couldn’t find more constructive advice than that provided by Workplace Doctor Tina Lewis Rowe. That’s my opinion having seen the careful response she gives to more than a dozen or two questions each month. As her associate workplace doctor,thank you for confirming that. Following her suggestions should encourage you to see/seek an “there are options approach to what you think are impossible problems.” Thank you for taking time to tell us how things are working out.

William Gorden