NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about comparing duties and pay with a co-worker:

Work at a Inn/hotel I work the night shift and do the Night Audit from 11pm-7am 4 nights a week, and there is a second person who works the other three nights a week. When he does his job, he does the night audit only! When I do my shifts, there are notes left for me to clean rooms, do laundry, etc. Not to mention he is paid more than I am. I do not feel that this is fair. They asked me to be housekeeping supervisor and I declined. It is as if they are getting two for the price of one! Please advise.

Signed, No Fair

Dear No Fair:

See if I can understand your feeling: You are being asked to do more and being paid less. May I divide my response? First, is what your employer asking illegal? Nope—there appears to be no violations of Wage and Hour laws.They own the company — they can decide what to ask employees to do within the law.

Second, how important is this position to you? Is this a temporary position or is it a company you can grow with? How are the benefits/health/retirement options/vacation? If your feel this has potential for you perhaps you want to invest your energy and a positive attitude to join the team and help build the organization.

Third, what work ethic and work attitude do you want to develop? I have been where you are and I have supervised large staffs and had to ask individuals to do more for less. Those who stepped up to the challenge, preformed “above and beyond the call of duty” ultimately were winners in the military, in my company, and later they moved on to better paying positions. I will always recall them with respect and give them great references over the years.Those who saw each assignment as an imposition and to be negotiated seemed to be constantly suffering from this view.They ultimately went on but for the rest of their working lives seeing the world of work as unfair. They were treated likewise.Best regards to you in resolving this personal issue to your satisfaction and your future.

Jack White