Not Sure What To Do

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about health issues: I started having major lower back pain so I went to see my doctor and got some x-rays.

I’ve worked for the same company for 13 years and have never been on leave, except for when I had my children.Recently I started having major lower back pain so I went to see my doctor and got some x-rays. The x-rays showed I have some spine and disc problems, so my Doc put me off work for 7 days until I could get an MRI and see a specialist.

I took my doctor’s note to my Assistant Manager. He took it and said he hoped I felt better. Later on in the evening I got a call from my actual manager yelling at me calling me a liar, and he didn’t care if I was hurt. He said he had a store to run and he kept accusing me of faking my injury. I also had a note to be able to sit when needed due to heel spurs I have. The previous manager failed to put it in my file and it has never been questioned, but while on the call with him, he stated now since I’m taking time off I need to bring him a new note stating I can sit while at work. I feel horrible; he brought me to tears being in so much pain and dealing with that was just too much for me. And by the way he did this to another girl a few weeks ago when she called in sick. Do I call HR? Do I let it go?

Signed, What to Do?

Dear What to Do?:

I’m sorry you are in pain, but I can understand the pressure a manager feels to keep his store running. However, he is wrong in yelling, calling you a liar, and accusing you of faking. Our site provides communication-related, not medical or HR, advice. Human Resources is charged with such matters as your absence from work and how you and managers should handle them. Hopefully, you soon will find some help for these problems that caused you to be absent from work.Please let us know what HR advises you and after a few weeks what you are able to do in light of your back and heel spurs.

William Gorden