On Target

There have definitely been multiple times when I was at work and felt good afterwards based on actions that were taken. But one that stood out to me was when I was working at Target, and it had just started to pick up, meaning more people were coming in to shop at the store. Typically, we only have one cashier scheduled, but everyone on the floor is cashier trained, so if they need help they ask for additional cashiers to come to the front lanes. So it started to get busy and I responded to back up, but once my line is clear I would go back to what I was doing. I responded a few times to back up because no one else was, and I knew I wasn’t the only one on the floor. After my third time responding to backup, someone went over to the walkie and said someone else needed to respond so I could get done what I needed to. This felt good to me because they noticed that I was the only one responding to backup.

Being recognized at work is nice, because we all have our own sections and sometimes people in their areas don’t realize that others have tasks to do too. We need to realize to work as a team, rather than thinking about themselves. I like when my team responds on the walkies because then I know who is doing what to help with sales, but when no one responds then I know I need to step up and help too.