Owner/Manager Made A Terrible Hire–His Girlfrined


I work at a small company with ten employees. The owner/manager of the company hired his girlfriend about two years ago. She is very nice, but a terrible employee. She is paid a salary while the rest of us are paid on commission. The owner has a few rules that are very important to him, but they do not seem to apply to her. The morale of the company is at an all time low because of the situation. I have spoken with him in the past about the problem, but he seems to be afraid to do anything about it. As a result, he is on the verge of losing several good employees. Please help!


On The Verge Of


DearĀ On The Verge Of:

Love in the workplace should be good for productivity. Often those who observe romance budding at work cheer on the lovers. However, when there is favoritism resentment festers. You do not say what rules the girlfriend ignores and how that harms your workplace. Nor do you say why she is a terrible employee. All I can derive from the description you present is that some employees are disgusted with the girlfriend and boss. What did you tell the boss and what did he say? Why are you about to lose several good employees? If you are genuinely worried about that you need to be more specific when you speak to the owner/manager. How does hiring a girlfriend really harm your workplace?

Might there be another way to encourage your owner/manager to build morale? For example, does your boss encourage a total team building? Does he have regular meetings in which all are invited to ask questions, make suggestions and commit to cutting wasted supplies, time, and money? If you come to your manager with such an involving plan, might he see its value? Use the analogy of a coach who schedules pre and post game skull sessions. Every workplace has untold ways to boost productivity and profits once it creates the conditions for genuine employee involvement. Right? The real problem may not be the girlfriend. The real reason for low morale might be that all of you do not have a real say in managing your workplace. Management at its best is not a solo activity. Rather it is what is embedded in our signature WEGO. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden