I’ve Been Blackballed And Can’t Get A Job

I cannot find a job in nursing being an RN. There are many jobs but I cannot get hired in my own city and I can’t get an explanation why. How do I get off the blackball list? What should I do?

It sounds as though your situation involves much more than we can help you with in a casual response, so I suggest the following: 

1.  Talk to someone closer to you who knows you and your situation. You need to be able to talk about the background of your work problems and what has brought you to your current state of feeling black-balled. 

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Warehouse Warning Because Of My National Origin?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a warning: I am working in a Warehouse. And one day I finished my work early and I tried to book half a day off. The team leader said okay. After 1 hour the team leader comes to tell me that I can’t go home cause I need to go to another building and work there when I had booked my half day already. Now they will give a warning but I don’t see it as fair.

I have colleagues that are taking sick days every week for 4-5 months and nothing happens to them. I am thinking it is because I am of a different nationality and it is easier to make me do something that others don’t want to do. Could you please advise if I should say something In my meeting or just agree with what they say.

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A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a difficult start to a new job:
None of my coworkers know my name, and i don’t know theirs either. I’m a part time fast food worker and i got one day of training (we were barely shown anything) then i was thrown into 4-6 hour shifts by myself. i can’t even get ahold of my manager to get sick days, i just have to call in and hope she gets the memo. (Also, wasn’t given a clock in number, so i’m not being paid for my shifts) I’m debating on quitting but if my social anxiety makes it so hard to talk to my manager about things. i’ve been told that i’ll get in trouble if i don’t give notice, but this place clearly has terrible management to be treating new employees this rough. Signed –Bad Start

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Co-Worker Spreading Lies About Me

I have been at the same job for 20 years. New management took over and said they want to keep me and that they needed me. However, we have a young girl who started with them and obviously wants me gone. She talks about me daily turning others against me. Spreading terrible lies.

When they first come in a few months ago I did everything humanly possible to help them make their transition especially since I already knew them and didn’t have a problem with them . My years and experience made this girl jealous and that’s when she started. It has gotten way out of hand. There isn’t a day that goes by that she don’t slander and spread rumors to others.

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Feeling Degraded

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling degraded

This situation happened last night. I have only worked at this Greenhouse for a month. Last night I was trying to keep myself busy while we weren’t busy so I wasn’t just standing around, so I decided to keep busy by untangling the 20 Clematis vines that grew together.

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Coworker Critiques Make Me Cringe

Question: I at times have to work with a coworker who makes me feel uncomfortable in what may seem an odd way. She always calls me out on things I do that my normal shift partner does not comment on or say is actually wrong. She questions some things I do, and I have to say I didn’t feel comfortable doing whatever it was for whatever reason, and I always feel like I do something wrong.

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When Can I Assume I’m Unemployed?

Question: My boss is ignoring my emails, calls and text messages. I work a “flex” schedule, meaning I get a new schedule before my current assignment ends. I have been working 72 hours or more every week for about two and a half months, but the current assignment is set to end in less than a week and I have not received a new schedule yet, although I’ve asked for one.

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Interrupted In Russian

I work for an agency that provides services for many nationalities. Most of the staff speak Russian. I do not. The issue is that numerous times I could be engaged in a conversation with one supervisor and the other jumps in. Then they start speaking Russian. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I have no idea what they are saying. This can go on for a few minutes. What is my recourse? —What Can I Say?

Dear What Can I Say?

You are employed for a global agency. You must have been hired because you have certain skills and credentials they determined were needed. Are you new? Have you earned enough credibility to make this a matter of a staff discussion? Does anyone other than you see this as a problem?

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Screaming Match!

A question submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Screaming

My coworker and I got into a screaming match at work. She called me a piece of shit and I should kiss her ass. I told her I do not kiss woman ass because I am not lesbian. My co-worker told my supervisor I called her lesbian and I was send home. My supervisor did not ask me what happened. He just sent me to HR, and I was sent to a different location to work without telling me why. What can I do?

Signed – Sent Elsewhere

Dear Sent Elsewhere:
What can you do? You can reflect on what led up to the screaming maaaatch (the misspelling is to help you recall what happened) and to list your options. Our site is committed to communication that enables workplace civility and collaboration. We assume that also is your motive for sending this brief drama that probably was heard by coworkers in your work area. 

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Can Bosses Yell But Employees Can’t?

Question: I raised a tone of voice to the finance manager over the phone. We had a quarterly report which I make in a system and then submit it to her. She said she doesn’t see it and I checked again if it is submitted. It was submitted and I told her that there is nothing else I can do as my part is done, and she should ask IT help to see the submission, and I am leaving. I left the office.

Later she called me yelling at me that I left, and I yelled back at her saying it is not my fault. On the next day, the General manager called me and gave me the last warning for raising a tone of voice to the Finance manager who is above my level.

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