Sometimes I’m Homesick

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about taking off to see family:

I work for an insurance company and I struggle with requesting time off to go home and see my family. When I finished college, I did not stay in my hometown which is Cleveland. I moved to Cincinnati because I went to school out there and I liked the environment so I decided to move out there. Since my family still lives in Cleveland and I live in Cincinnati I get homesick sometimes. When it comes to taking time off to see them, my boss is not always understanding.

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You Can Get Away With Anything Working in a Family’s Business

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworkers’ jealousy:

I have been working at my family’s restaurant for over 7 years. I love being able to interact with my family in the work setting and learn new skills/recipes that have been passed down from many generations. I work with over 3 aunts and uncles and about 8 cousins. It makes work fun. The one thing I have always got for many years ever since I started working is the “oh you’re family, you can get away with anything” For some reason that has really bothered me because when you’re in a family’s restaurant it gives you more of a reason not to slack. Family will expect more out of you. But some coworkers don’t understand that because they think a family member can do no wrong in the family owner’s eyes, but that is not that case. Almost everyday I hear something like that, How do I answer that when it actually bothers me? 
Signed–I Can’t and Don’t Slack:

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Just A Little Attention

One of the top things that makes me feel good is making people smile or knowing that I could make their day just a little bit better by doing something for them. Anyone that has worked in a restaurant probably has a story or two about things that really brighten their day. One specific instance stands out to me. It was probably around a year ago and I was working as a host at the time so I was in charge of carrying out orders. This little sweet old man had come in to place a takeout order. We were not busy at the time so him and I began to make small talk while he waited. He told me that his wife had just been put into a nursing home and that he had just recovered from knee surgery, so he wasn’t walking very well. We continued to talk for around ten more minutes about his life and then when his food was up I offered to help him take it out to his car because I knew he was having trouble walking.

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Shunned by Coworker and Others

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors by an individual who feels she is a target of animosity:

I work in a department that has 4 people, including me. One day the news was predicting that we were going to have a lot of snow. We were talking about if it was too bad we would not come in. Jane said if any one needed a ride to let her know. She has a new Toyota Forerunner. I accepted and offered to give gas money on the next payday, and she said it was no problem. I took my laptop home just in case I could not get to work.

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Fired for Staring

I was fired from my job and one of the main reasons was for Inappropriate staring, Yes, I may have been staring but I stared out of the windows or at a wall. Someone may be in the area but I’m not looking at them. How do I stare appropriately? Signed–Not Looking

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Coworker Disclosed My Pay–I Feel Violated

A coworker has looked at my pay and paychecks and compared it to hers. After doing so she complained to our boss about my pay compared to what she gets paid. This coworker’s job title is Accounts Payable. I feel violated and need to know the next step of action to take. She complained to our boss that I am able to receive overtime and she is not. I have only worked in my current position for a little over a year and do not receive salary for that reason. She has been here as accounts payable for at least 6 years and receives salary where no overtime is given.–Feel Violated

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What Is Indirect Counseling?

Question: What is the meaning of indirect counseling?

Is your question prompted by some incident in which you were told that you were being counseled this way? Our expertise is in communication-related work questions. We don’t claim psychological clinical certification; however, we have had considerable education in psychology. Based on that, the term indirect counseling dates back to the  work of Carl Rogers and others (1950’s) who advocated that those seeking personal advice are best served by not being told how to solve their problems but guided to reflect on causes and possible solutions to problems. 

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What Can I Do If I Think I’m Being Blackballed By An Employer?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors: I believe I’ve been blackballed by an employer. It stems from taking a test that I had to pass and I didn’t pass it. (Test taking anxiety. ) They wouldn’t let me take it again. I applied for another job with a company that is under the same contract as the manager of the first company, and they said I was not eligible for hire. Is there any course of action I can take? Or just make sure I avoid this employer?

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Micromanaged and Overworked: What Can I Do?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors: I am the Head of Operations at a hospital and the pressure is as imagined. This administrative role involves ensuring the business and process end of the Organization is in form. I am also in charge of business development for the Hospital.

I have been burdened with a checklist which the Medical Director demands to see everyday (this is because I have not been diligent with it). The problem is this checklist is not completed through a reported format. It involves me directly unearthing a thousand and one possible process errors committed by any of our medical and non-medical staff in the previous day – from billing to drug request process errors. By the time, I get through correcting things and informing Department Heads, the day is almost gone.

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