Blackballed by Supervisor

I have a supervisor with whom I have personal conflicts. She used her authority to cause my work environment to be stressful. She has manipulated the administration to believe her and caused me to put on an improvement plan. This was based on lies and action that I didn’t even know I had committed. I followed  through this plan and was successful. Now I applied for another position in the company. I was interviewed and did an excellent job. I feel that I may not be chosen because the supervisor is trying to blackball or blacklist me. What can I do legally? The HR person has sided with the supervisor. They are listening to her side and not gathering truthful facts.

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Should My Manager Be Allowed to Call Me a B–?

Question: I work at a carry-out restaurant. I have three managers. Two of them I get along with very well, but I have always felt like the other manager has something against me. I’m 16, this is my first job, and I try to do my best at work.

Today we were really slow and we had stocked everything and cleaned everything. We had no orders out and there was nothing to do. I was talking to one of my coworkers about a video of me. She asked to see it and I pulled out my phone.

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My Boss Won’t Use My Name

Question:  I work for family owned business. The owner and his two sons are white. One employee is White, one is Hispanic and I am Black. My boss addresses me as “ helper”, never by my name. I’ve been there a year. I’m feeling discriminated against. What should I do?

Response: I’m not clear on how someone could avoid calling someone by their first or last name for a full year! Does he say, “Hi, Helper, how was your weekend?” Or, “Bill, why don’t you and Helper work on this?” That would seem very odd. Or, does he just introduce you as a helper in the company? Or, put you on the organizational chart as “Helper” instead of putting your name? I would like to know more about that!

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Can I Report My Husband’s Online Activities to His HR?

Question: My husband is cheating on me. I found he has been having online sex with a foreign woman. They are planing to move together.

More over, He had sex with this woman online video during work hours in his office.

Can I report my husband affair to his HR?

Response: Thank you for sharing your frustrating and hurtful situation with us. It sounds as though you will be much better off to not have him in your life!

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Bullied by Coworker

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker who throws another under the bus:

I have a co-worker that not only likes to throw me but other colleagues “under the bus” every chance she gets. She likes to point out my mistakes in front of my supervisor. She is abrasive and I feel she is a bully. How can I combat this situation?

Signed, Bullied

Dear Bullied:

Your follow up email indicates you work from home. I assume since you submitted your question at this time that working at home is a result of state regulations or your employer’s efforts to not enable COVID-19 to infect others. If that is the reason, please continue to stay sheltered in place and, as much as possible, avoid the push and/or urge to get out. I’m following that advice and wearing a mask and avoiding close contacts when out. These rules and guidelines probably will continue for sometime. 

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Can My Boss Tell People If I’m Working or Not?

Question: Is it legal for my manager to disclose if I am on or off the clock to the general public?

Answer: We always remind people that we are not attorneys or HR specialists. In your situation, the law would have to be a state law, since it does not come under a federal mandate of which I am aware, speaking as a layperson. You should consult the website of your Department of Labor.

However, as a matter of practicality, yes under many circumstances it would be an employer’s right to tell someone if you are “off the clock”, meaning not working.  For example, a customer calls and asks, “Is Mark in today?” “When will Mark be back to work?” “What day would be the best to talk to Mark about my (Whatever). In those cases, an employer is providing information that is necessary to do business.

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Walked Out

A question submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a jealous coworker:

I had a coworker who literally hated me based on pure jealousy. He constantly treated me badly and even cursed me a few times for no reason. I went to management multiple times, even requested a transfer. They did nothing even when I recorded a conversation in which he attacked me every way possible for being a piece of s$&? In his opinion. Then he somehow got my pay stub from the office on payday, took photos and sent them to other employees because I was one of the highest paid. I eventually couldn’t take it anymore and walked out. Is there any course of action I can take, I’ve never been in such a horrible situation and want to make someone pay for the hardship this has caused me and my family.

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Don’t Tell Me Calling Me A Bitch Is Joking

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a subordinate’s rude behavior:

One of my (24f) colleagues at work (25m) is being very unfriendly at work and it’s starting to get to me but I don’t know whether it counts as bullying or not. Some of the things he does:

1) Ignores me, pulls faces and moves away from me when I speak to him.

1) Ignores me, pulls faces and moves away from me when I speak to him.

2) Calls me a b**ch and continues to even after multiple requests from me for him to stop. He tries to pass it off in a joking way.

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