Falsely Accused of Harassment


I’ll get right to the point: I’ve been falsely accused of sexual harrasment at work. Now, this individual is watching my private “online” life as well in order to search for evidence. I get so angry everytime I hear about it in the local rumor mil that I just want to quit but I know that would just give them the satisfaction of seeing me ousted. The bosses are not on my side and so far there has been no official word. What should I do?


Job in Jeopardy


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Delivering A Poor Performance Review

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about giving a bad review:

I am required to carry out a poor performance interview about rudeness, poor timekeeping, failure to wear the correct corporate uniform and not providing the information requested. What is the procedure and are there any performance improvement procedures I could use?

Signed, Conveyer Of Bad News

Dear Conveyer Of Bad News:

You don’t say why you are required to do a performance interview? Who ever is required to supervise this individual should have conveyed corrective advice at the time of the infraction. Was that done? If so, how did the individual react and was there improvement? Also you don’t say how long this person has been employed?

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Set Up By Managment to Be Fired


I have a new boss, and my old senior RDO quit in March. The new boss has made racial comments and now has had other employees call and make false accusations in order to get me out of the company. I have worked 3 years for this company and worked hard to get from being a cook to a excutive director. I am on leave, for the alligations, but during an HR meeting, they told me I was set up to fail by my previous SRDO. I rebutted with witnesses to the actions of the employees seeking revenge and also told them of my senior executive director’s racial comments. I am still on leave even though they told me I am cleared of the other charges. What can they do to me now? How else can I fight this? Should I go ahead and quit? Should I get a lawyer now?

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Supervisor attacked by an employee on a worksite

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being physically attacked:

I’m a super at a job site in Las Vegas and two days ago an employee in my crew jumped off his equipment and started beating me, saying I crossed the line. What line that is I have no idea. As he beat me, he yelled, “Get up so I can do you again”, then lifted me up like a wet rag. The owner showed up on site and told me to go home for the weekend and said he would be firing the employee. But I have learned that that hasn’t happened. Where do I go from here? I can’t go back to work always looking over my shoulder and worried about giving directions that this might happen again.

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Asked Too Much About OB Leave Date

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about expected birth date:

Is it legal for employers/supervisors to constantly ask when your OB DR. will be restricting your work or “putting you out”.

Signed, Tired of being asked

Dear Tired of being asked:

It would be frustrating to be asked frequently about your leave date, but it is not illegal unless some aspect of it is a violation of EEO laws regarding making your work life harassing, clearly based on your gender or pregnancy status.perhaps you can lessen the asking somewhat. Get a letter that states exactly when you will be likely to leave. Don’t rely on your verbal statements, instead get the letter. Have your doctor put in the letter what work restrictions you’ll have before then, if any.Then, submit the letter and explain how frustrating it is to be asked over and over about it. Say that you will be working right until you need to leave.If you have already submitted such a letter, ask if there’s a reason they keep discussing it with you.

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Employees refuse to be retrained


I work in a small pharmacy where it is my job as pharmacy manager to ensure people get the correct medicine and advice. The problem I have is two counter assistants who believe they have all the answers yet do not know the simplest of things. The solution I feel is to retrain them both at the beginning so I ordered a new starter induction pack and have given these to both the employees. One employee left hers at home so I had to give her a spare, her response was sarcastic at first but she has settled down and is getting on with it. However when I asked how the other persons pack was getting on the response was “I have worked here for 3 years and am a fully trained counter assistant’ yet this person couldn’t tell me what a fully trained counter assistant should know. This then resulted in her telling the other employee “No other shop I’ve worked has ever done this’. The other employee agreed and stopped doing her work. I need some advice on how to deal with both employees, especially as I need to give some more training to the unreceptive one D

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Loner At Work Has Us Concerned!


I work in a small company that has 20 or so staff between the office and workshop. Two years ago the manager hired a person to work in the storage area, the only person in this area. Right from day one he eats and reads by himself at coffee breaks and lunch. He has never been a member of our social club and does not attend company parties, even at Christmas etc. We know absolutely nothing about him. He starts at 7 a.m. and right at 3:45 p.m. he is gone. He never talks to us except for work related issues, and even then it is very terse and right to the point. He runs his department efficiently and the owner doesn’t have a problem with his work . We asked the owner how he felt about this lack of socialization and he told us the next day that he had spoken to this person and said, “He doesn’t care about you people, he doesn’t want to know you and that he has no desire to be friendly or social.” He also added that as long as is doing his job to leave him alone. The owner of the business is happy with him and his work and doesn’t understand why we are so worked up.

What do you think?

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Grabbed, Hit, Kicked & Scratched At Work!


I have a tough work situation and was wondering if you could give me advice. I work for a school district in southern Florida as special education teacher working with autistic/mentally handicapped students. I am a second year teacher with these kinds of students, and my first year was ok, albeit a few incidents where students assaulted me. This year alone, since August, however, I have had over 30 incidents where students have grabbed, hit, kicked, scratched, and spat on me. The area superintendent will not release me, as she says that I have to work for three years (due to the District and union contract agreement) at the same school, and there are no other ESE positions available there. I am being assaulted on a daily basis, and am a nervous wreck. I have contacted lawyers, and no one is willing to help me. I also have a note from my doctor saying that as a result of my work environment, I am suffering from anxiety and depression and need to go on medicine. Can you help me? I would really appreciate it.

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My Self-Centered Manager Is Hard To Work With!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about self-centered manager:

I work in a large retail store where customer service is vital; enjoying all the aspects of the job while having fun is a large factor. Our female department manager is always talking about herself and her family with every detail. She speaks loudly at times. She acts as if the world revolves around her. The worst part of this is she never inquires about the four employees who staff her department. Whenever one of us has anything to say, she is rude. She completely ignores the one who is speaking and behaves as though nothing else is important and only she matters.

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I Quit Suddenly, Want What They Owe Me!


It was not what I planned to do when I got up this morning.

I have been working a at law firm for over two years that had nightmare written all over it from day one. I had no idea what sort of place this was when I accepted the job offer or the horrendous things that would go on there from verbal harassment/abuse (directed at me and other staff persons), sexual harassment (towards the younger female employees), excessive foul language, employees coming to work drunk, employees hostile and aggressive abusive behavior towards other employees, a supervisor calling another supervisor the “c” word (and apparently smashing her face into a file cabinet causing her to bleed several months prior to me joining the “team”)..I will spare you the remainder the brief descriptions of the massive war stories I have accrued from working at this job. The final straw for me today was when I learned that a new employee, only there one and half months, was not coming back for another month due to an auto accident. I know she was not happy there once she had a small sample of the chaos, disorganization, mismanagement and verbal abuse that she witnessed and relayed same to me as well as another employee. She was the replacement for another employee who finally gave her notice after working there 6.5 years under a verbally abusive and harassing tyrant who drove her to the edge. Another employee just recently gave her notice as she was not being paid enough and also, was continually harassed by the same supervisor. This is a “mom & pop” operation so the supervisor is a family member and therefore, has been permitted to get away with this. The supervisor continually piled on more work even though I had told him on a dozen occasions that I was overloaded and could not handle anymore. His failure to plan for distribution of workload of the employee who quit (giving them 6 weeks notice I might add) and failure to recognize the existing recurring problems in this office have been created by himself. Although I tried to keep up with the work, stay calm and not lose my temper after he failed to respect my repeated requests, I lost it and left.

I know the consequences of quitting a job. I have a fair amount of money in the bank and have good emotional support from friends and family whom have tirelessly listened to my weekly accounts for the past two years of the nightmare called my job. I know that quitting a job is not a mature thing to do, I should have another job before I find a new one, etc. and so on. I am a rational, intelligent, honest, hardworking, responsible, reliable person. Doing something like this is COMPLETELY out of character for me. I have never quit a job in my life. This has been a long time coming. I have been putting resumes out consistently for the past several months and for the past two years sporadically. I have had a couple of interviews but am being VERY careful about where my resume goes this time. In the meantime though, I am owed my final paycheck for this week along with some accrued vacation/sick time. In New York State they are obligated to pay anything owed to the employee as I understand unless there was something in the company policy stating differently if I am correct. And of course, this rinky-dink operation has no written policies.

I do not want to contact the employer directly. I am LIVID and do not want to be caused further emotional distress. I have had enough.

I still can’t believe I quit my job.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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