Pay For Salaried Time Off?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about docking a salaried employee:

I have three of my office staff on salary. One of my gals has gone over her sick leave and vacation leave for the year. Our controller does not want to pay her for time taken off last week due to her baby being in the hospital for asthma. Can an employer dock an employee who is on “salary” for going over on time off?

Signed, Office Manager

Dear Office Manager:

What does your employee handbook say about this? If nothing’s there, what have you done in the past under similar circumstances? The key is to be fair and consistent. If it is documented the amount of sick leave and vacation leave employees have and she is over, then she doesn’t get paid for it. Make sure you tell her before you do this. Also make sure communication is open and clear.

Send out a policy memo to ALL EMPLOYEES that if they use more than the allotted sick leave and vacation leave then….(insert new policy here). Also, do you have more than 50 employees? If so, then FMLA may be an issue. However she must provide you with advance notice. But check out FMLA in your state to see if she qualifies.Policy is best made to ensure fairness to both the employees and the organization. When that happens, you have the foundation of a WEGO-minded workplace.

Dan Kearney