Personal Harassment

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disciplinary discrimination.

I feel that I have been personally harassed by the office manager by being singled out with threat of disciplinary action by a verbal and written warning for one incident that is common in the profession, but no other employee was given the same disciplinary action for a similar incidents. Is there some literature or a web site I can access to protect myself without making a formal complaint? I would prefer to be proactive with prevention rather than with legal intervention first. Thank you

Signed, Singled Out

Dear Singled Out:

Apparently you aren’t willing to describe the incident of your misconduct that resulted in the verbal and written warning. Since you were singled out while others haven’t been for the same offense, could there be other reasons that place you in less than positive standing? Whether there is or not, I perceive that you feel threatened and also that you think that “legal” action can protect you. I doubt that it can.

Being given a warning for misconduct isn’t harassment. So it is best that you get over your feeling of being harassed. Simply focus on not making the same mistake that is common in your profession. Get over thinking that the law will protect you. Legal recourse most often is lengthy, costly and ineffective. If you disagree with this opinion, consult a labor attorney.

What literature search have you conducted that applies to your profession? Type in its name and code of conduct on the Internet and see what turns up. More generally it seems to me that you are asking a question pertaining to personnel and Human Resources. One particularly good source I read is Susan M. Heathfield. You might benefit from her recent post on negativity hope these thoughts help. If they don’t, I doubt that you will understand the deeper meaning of my signature sentence: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden