Persuading Management to Better Low-Level Employees’ Incentives

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about improving incentives:

I used to work at a regional branch of ADT. My job consisted of making sales and meeting with customers for a consultation. We have low level “runners” who go door to door and try to set up consultations but receive a base pay regardless of how many consultations they set up. This reduces overall productivity for the business and I believe it would be more beneficial to everyone if there were more incentives for our “runners”, but I am not sure how to bring it up to my boss in a rational reasonable way that makes him support the idea rather than just be skeptical about losing money by paying more to the lower level employees.


Dear Incentive:

You are doing management thinking. That’s good. The answer to your question hinges on you learning more about the financial situation of ADT locals–what is costs to set one up, how much business it takes to maintain one, and what the others are doing.

Learning this kind of information usually is held close by those who own or franchise. You only learn about such numbers when you have shown a genuine interest in the business and also are good at signing up customers. Rather than posing better pay, might the conversations you focus on be what it take to start a franchise and how many employees does it take to maintain one? Such a conversation might be helped if you did some research about the home/business security business.  

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If you demonstrate a genuine interest by informally describing a few bits and pieces of your research tells you, I predict your local manager would respond by sharing some of what he/she has learned.                                      

You might also demonstrate interest in management by research of incentives. Incentives might not only mean more money per consultation runners set-up. Incentives are used to add value, and your knowledge of them would help you understand if,when and what might prove successful. I challenge you to research this important business topic. What Do Employee Incentives Consist of at Work?

  • An incentive is an object, item of value or desired action or event that spurs an employee to do more of whatever was encouraged by the employer through the chosen …
  • 25 Low-Cost Ways to Reward Employees – Forbes

  • Mar 01, 2013 · Did you know today, March 1, is officially Employee Appreciation Day? Research shows that feeling appreciated—which comes from recognition from others …

Knowledge of incentives will contribute your general knowledge of what whatever organization you work in. I see from your question that you “used to work at a regional branch of ADT”, and therefore now are employed elsewhere or looking for a job so I am uncertain of why you ask. Is it that you simply want to understand more about business, or rather are submitting a question as required by an assignment. Whatever is the motivation of your question, doing preliminary research of a topic will enhance your ability to make a persuasive approach–what to ask for and when and how to earn the right to make a case.

Does this make sense and suggest how you might know what and how to approach the decision-maker at your former workplace? In short, before trying to persuade anyone or anything, you had best first do some head-work. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.  –William Gorden