Politically Don’t Fit?


I have been working in a contract position for a state government agency for about 3 years now. I have outstanding references from previous bosses within this organization. After a change in political power, I have been moved to another office. Now I am stuck with a woman boss who does not like me. She cuts about my work, makes false accusations of gossip etc. Should I resign or wait to be let go?? I can feel it coming.


Feel Firing Is Coming


DearĀ Feel Firing Is Coming:

I can’t understand what you mean by “she cuts”, but I’ll assume you mean that this new boss cuts your hours. What does she say that is false about you and how do you know? My general advice is not to quit a job until you have another job in hand. Just do the best you can as a professional while quietly looking for another.

Make good contacts where you are now and widen your network elsewhere. Rather than wait to be fired, might you confront this new boss to learn her assessment of what she likes and dislikes about your work? Discuss the situation. Learn why you were moved. Learn all you can from her and from the agency now and for the future. Why not be proactive. Take a written plan to such a confrontation of what you can do for the agency over the next quarter. My best to you at this time.

Also get your resume in order with copies of those good evalations and recommendations and put your feelers out for other work. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Will be interested in what you do.

William Gorden