Promoted, But Boss Is Cool Toward Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about distant behavior of boss: She barely speaks or says hi, and I’m the only one she’s acting this way towards.

I was recently promoted, and it was to a very prestigious position. However, since then, I’m getting really weird vibes from my boss (the same one that hired me). She barely speaks or says hi, and I’m the only one she’s acting this way towards. In the 8 weeks I’ve been on the job, she’s never called me aside, reprimanded me, and conveyed any complaints or dissatisfaction, so I’m not sure what gives. What is the best way for me to ask her how she feels about my performance and my “organizational fit”, so far? Thanks!

Signed, Newly Promoted

Dear Newly Promoted:

You have had 8 weeks on the new job. Sufficient time to feel one’s learned the ropes – and more significant – time to have observed, to have been challenged, to have been a part of this new role within the organization. In a new capacity – and before your boss does pull PH aside – be the pro-active individual. Take the opportunity to ask for a meeting to get her feedback on the new ‘fit.’ She is the direct report and will be reviewing your performance, I have to presume. Establishing mutual goals and objectives is key.

More so, she will see that you do want guidance/advice – even if you have not done anything to be called aside for. It will help during the ‘real’ review. Also, it offers the opportunity to allay any fears she may have that you are after her job. Be objective about your concerns and questions. Let her talk. Try not to interrupt – she may simply need to re-establish who is who. Listen closely and actively – and at the end of the meeting let her know how having her as your mentor will help both of you achieve the organizational goals and objectives. There are too many variables to be guessing at – keep it simple. Hope this helps.Earning a WEGO working relationship hinges on keeping the lines of communication open.

Kamila Cooprider