Pushy Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker who pushes work on me:

There is a problem with a co-worker who has been in the company for many years before me. The individual has more experience than me and is constantly placing more work in front of me than I can handle. I feel that I am being taken advantage of because I have the notion that the extra work I am given is supposed to be completed by my superior. This is also affecting the work that is originally assigned to me. Should I tell my boss or confront the individual who is forcing this extra work on me?

Signed,Too Much Pushed On Me

Dear Too Much Pushed On Me:

Most often we answer questions such as yours about a pushy older coworker when we are sufficiently frustrated, like we decide to buy a different pair of shoes when a shoe pinches our feet enough. It is then that we act, sometime in anger or at least with a firm voice. I expect that you have answered this question and have taught yourself that you don’t have to be bullied. Supervisors are supposed to allocate assignments. I expect that your coworker simply has assumed he/she is your superior because of many more years with your company than you. You probably have been too compliant and have tried to do more than you handle comfortably. Apparently you didn’t or don’t have courage to say, “Kim, this is more than I can do. Perhaps we should Ask the Workplace Doctors about

If you scan our Archive, you will see the advice we provide about dealing with bully and/or well-meaning but pushy coworkers. For example: Bossy Co-worker http://workplacedr.kent.edu/wpdocs/qdetail.aspx?id=4759 And there are others. So please review this advice and let us know if it applies to your situation. Working is an on-going process of coping with others, some who take advantage of us. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS; do you know what that means?

William Gorden