Questioned About Sabotage!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about question of sabotage:

I’m a mechanic employed in the public sector. I work for the county where I live in Wisconsin. A situation has come up were a co-worker supposedly sabotaged a machine I was repairing and it was caught on camera. The odd thing is my supervisor said I may be questioned and I said I wanted the union steward to sit in. He seemed dismayed by that and then said they might ask me if I sabotaged it, presumably for the overtime to repair it. I did not do it, but now wonder if they are out to get my unpopular coworker. Do I have a right to see the footage as an employee? Do I have the right as a taxpayer in my county?

Signed, Right To???

Dear Right To???:

No, you don’t have the right to see it. It is the property of the County in which you work. You’d have to subpoena it if you went to court, but lets not go there quite yet. Does your supervisor have the right to question you? Yes. Do you have the right to remain silent? Yes. Let the steward do the talking. You are entitled by law to have a co-worker present during questioning. I would not choose the individual who is the object of attention. Pick someone that mgmt thinks highly of, it will enhance your credibility.

Then answer only those questions to which you are 100% positive that you can tell the absolute truth. OK? Your supervisor is dismayed because he doesn’t want a grievance filed against him OK? Take care and good luck. Try not to become overly obsessed with this situation. Hang in there. Working for WEGO mindedness takes organization and resilience.

Guest Respondent, Dan Kearney, HR Manager