Radios In The Workplace

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about policy and place:

Can you have two separate policies about radios, in a manufacturing atmosphere and an enclosed office setting?

Signed, Separate & Unequal

Dear Separate & Unequal:

Why and why not? There is no law against that? The issues is what are policies make for a productive happy workforce and what policies do not interfere with the work within a particular work environment. These are the questions that individuals and managers should ask that pertain to each work area. Safety comes first. Productivity is a close second. Keeping employees happy follows.

Those in Human Resources can assist in voicing employees’ concerns and formulating policies that are suited to a particular area and the interests of those within each area. Does this make sense?More Q&As can be found on the topic of radios and noise in our Archives. Whatever might be your motivation for sending this question, what is important is to realize that working together with hands, head, and heart, and that includes ears and eyes, takes and makes big WEGOS. Have that kind of attitude and you can help make your work area and place as a whole a good place to work.

William Gorden